Manchester City Fun Video

Manchester City Fun Video

On Our Way Manchester City

A friend of mine, John Carroll, wrote some good lyrics, to the Proclaimers song, We’re on our way.  I was pretty shocked, because, I am quite known for making karaoke parodies, from famous songs, and this friend, had “something”. The lyrics are fantastic. He asked me to do a video for the song.

Rather than make it “professional” and spend weeks making a special fx extravaganza, it was done in two days. One day for the videos/pictures and one day for the overlays and syncing the lyrics.
The goal was to  create a fan song/video created by fans.

It’s simply, made by City fans  – Ronnie, Knowles ( ex drummer for Marmalade ) did the vocal recording, non studio as you will gather – but still great as it’s a great fan John Carroll singing.

The video & karaoke version will be added to youtube this week. Hope all you City fans enjoy!